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Owned By The Cat

Brad's LJ musings and directed blog posts

Brad Hart
22 September
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  • bradthedog@livejournal.com
First and foremost I am one of those scary liberals who likes and knows there will come a time when freedom loving liberals will be the ones in fear of having guns taken away.

I am a stay at home dad and Writer. Yes I get to say writer now, I have been paid for it. When the damned story finally gets published I will change writer to author and bandy the term about liberally.

I am a rampant agnostic raised by a pack of wild catholics (I have found they are much the same as werewolf packs), and think most people who focus on religion use it as an excuse to take no personal responsibility for their thoughts (or lack there of), feelings or actions.

For those who still want to game Brad The Giant Hobbit and Ray The Tiny Giant are Back in circulation.

You will find me more often than not on Twitter @BradHart